About Carolina Connections in Burlington, NC.

Carolina Connections in Burlington

Our Founder, Bill Price

Carolina Connections was founded by Bill Price on July 17th 1991, in Burlington NC. Our mission is to build a strong business based on honesty, integrity, and fairness where the customer truly gets a good deal and promptly gets service whenever needed.

At the same time, all employees have a fun and challenging job that gives them a good standard of living and the fulfillment of their personal goals. We offer the best satellite TV service in Burlington and Greensboro NC. We sale Dish Network and DirecTV for the lowest price and have packages starting at $29.99 for 150 channels.

Carolina Connections gives free professional installations! With over 20 years experience and thousands of happy loyal customers Carolina Connections is the area’s leading TV provider. When you go through us you get the best personal local customer service.

“The customer comes first” A motto we live by.
Free HD and DVR systems!


What makes Carolina Connections any different than every other satellite company?

EXPERIENCE: With over 20 years of satellite and home entertainment experience. We have thousands of happy loyal customers. Our installers and salesman are always training to insure that you get the best and newest technology for the greatest price.
VALUES: “The customer comes first” is a motto we live by. Other companies have their installers do 3 to 4 installs a day. Forcing them to “blow in and blow out” so to speak.
INTEGRITY: We treat customers like we would want to be treated. We do the little extra things like file rebates for you and take your old dish off your house. We also completely inform our customers of all the “fine print” so that you have no surprises. What we tell you is exactly what you are going to get.

422 Huffman Mill Rd. Suite 105

Burlington NC, 27215


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