How to Choose a Good Internet Service Provider in Concord

internet-service-providerIn the Internet world, installing a fast connection through your internet service provider in Concord is important for doing daily business, surfing the Internet, downloading files, streaming movies, or doing projects for home or school.

But in spite of all these things, some ISP firms won’t tell you the whole story about what you really need, as opposed to what they just want to sell you.

We’ll go over some of the ins and outs of what you should know before you sign up and what a good ISP will do for you.

The Need For Speed

When you apply for internet service you’ll need to determine how much bandwidth, or speed, you’ll need.

Think of this as a large or small plumbing pipe for water. The larger the pipe, the more water you can have running through it. A pipe with a small opening means less water and a longer time for filling a bucket or tub.

Having an internet connection is similar to this. If you have needs that require large amounts of data for your computer, video game console, streaming video box, or other high data usage, you’ll need a fast connection, i.e. a larger data stream.

Having a slow internet connection can mean 30 minutes or more of waiting to download large files or media instead of just a few minutes. This can also mean jittery online videos or music as well.

How Much is Enough?

For general everyday internet use, without the high demands for downloading files or watching online movies, 3Mbps (megabits per second) is generally accepted as adequate bandwidth. This is a good plan for surfing the internet, listening to music, and other casual uses.

The next level up in speed is 6Mbps. This is a good all around data plan that will allow you to stream movies, download files and content, and listen to music. Surfing speed is very fast and pages load quickly. This speed is also suitable for homes where family members like to play multiplayer online games.

The top gun for speed is 18Mbps. This allows access from many points within a home with virtually no slowdown in service. Downloads and data transfers are lightning-quick, but this also carries a premium price for the service.

The Match Game

A good internet service provider will ask pertinent questions about how you plan to use the Internet. Good companies will try to match you with the right service, equipment, and internet speed and won’t try to upsell you on an internet plan you don’t need.

If you are looking for a reliable and honest internet service provider in Concord, call Carolina Connections for a free consultation today.

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