Graduating Your Concord TV Service from Cable to Dish Network or DirecTV

Directv_satellite_on_house_roofFrom the days of rabbit-eared, black-and-white television boxes to modern flat-screen TVs, the means to watching a TV show or movie have changed drastically. Service options have gone through some changes too. With the advances in technology, the options have increased. Altogether, the main options for TV service are cable, satellite, or internet. Of those three, satellite still leads the pack, with popular companies like Dish Network and DirecTV offering the most for your money. Read on to learn why Dish or DirecTV will give you the best TV experience in your Concord home.

Broader Service Areas

Cable is available to about 89% of American households in areas with higher population. So if you’re in a remote area, you’re out of luck. Satellite TV is available everywhere. You only need a clear view to the southern sky and a small dish to access it.

Less Gaps in Service

Cable is still ground-bound. That means that if a telephone pole on your street goes down because of a bad storm or a careless driver, you and your neighbors might be out of cable service for a while. In the aftermath of a hurricane, satellite customers reported getting service back several weeks sooner than cable customers. Since satellite is individual to each house (instead of being dependent on the cable fix-it guys), you may only need to reposition the dish to get back to watching your favorite shows.

Additionally, it’s a myth that satellite has more gaps in service. Both customers and studies have attested to less gaps with satellite than with cable (for instance, 9 to 12 minutes per year with satellite versus 23 hours per year with cable).


While cable can be more convenient (if packaged with your phone and internet service), satellite can give you more for less. Satellite is about $.40 per channel while cable is about $1.02 per channel. Cable gets limited on how many channels it can provide due to bandwidth limitations. Dish and DirecTV, on the other hand, are not limited on how many channels they can provide.

Picture Quality

Satellite networks still lead on picture quality. Everything comes through on 1080 resolution–the highest resolution. Because of the bandwidth limitation, cable companies need to compress content, which could mean a loss of quality. Again, satellite is not limited by bandwidth.

Satellite Dishes

If you think satellite dishes have to be huge, guess again. Today’s satellite dishes are about the size of an umbrella. Generally, it’s best to have your satellite company handle all installations. Usually, they offer free installation with your service package. But if you’re a do-it-yourselfer, you’ll need to know about satellite dish positioning. will help you with this by telling you how to position your dish for the best satellite access at your zip code.

If you’ve been frustrated with your cable service, it might be time to consider switching to a Dish or DirecTV company in Concord. You just might be the envy of your cable neighbors–especially if a massive storm hits.

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