Security Service in Carolina Connections in Burlington, NC

At Carolina Connections, we’ve expanded our services to include an excellent line of home security and management solutions. Our security systems include detectors for temperature, smoke and heat, carbon monoxide, burglary, and flood. Whether you’re home or away, our detectors work day and night to ensure that your home stays safe and regulated.

For those times when you’re away, we offer top-quality remote features. From your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, you can adjust your thermostat, lock or unlock your doors, control your lighting, arm or disarm your system, or program security alerts. Our remote monitoring features help you keep tabs on what’s happening on the home front.

Temperature sensors will alert you to changes in heat or cold in your home. This will help you prevent bursting pipes and other damaging effects to your home. Round-the-clock video surveillance will allow you to monitor movement into and around your home. Alerts will be sent to you when sensors detect changes or unusual activity.

If you’re a cable or satellite customer of ours, you’re one step ahead since you have technology already installed that can be utilized for a security system. We have security package add-ons, as well as excellent stand-alone packages. Call us to find out about our top-quality line of security and home management systems.


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